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congress to pass a grand bargain and raise spending and the federal government's debt limit. a late afternoon conference call john boehner told republicans that president obama is not serious about making a deal. >> after making a final push for a large-scale deal it now appears house speaker john boehner wants something smaller. abc news has learned that boehner told his fellow republicans on a sunday news
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conference call that president obama is not serious. in a television interview boehner said the president is not ready to make a deal. >> i know the president is worried about his next election but shouldn't we be worried about the country? >> the speaker wanted the outlines of a plan before 4:00 p.m. to send a positive message to the asian markets. the deadline still looms. >> there's no alternative. failure is not an option. >> the speaker says he was ready to make a deal last week but the president's demand broke off talks. the white house says there was never an agreement. >> negotiations are not over until they are actually over and people sign the document, a piece of paper. the president and the speaker were extremely close. >> congress spent the day working on a separate fall-back plan that would cut $1 trillion. but democrats and republicans differ on how long the increase in the debt ceiling should
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last. democratic leaders harry reid and nancy pelosi met with the president at the white house to plot a course forward. >> the president has repeatedly said he will not sign a temporary deal as for the bigger deal it is not clear speaker boehner can round up enough votes to pass it and it may be too big for congress to deal with, with only a week left. >> and earlier tonight, i talked about these issues with politico. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> still no deal. >> no deal. >> where do we stand? >> both sides really can't agree on much of anything right now except for the fact that there needs to be some kind of deal at the end. otherwise the united states is going to default. >> it sounds like they're coming together a bit in terms of agreeing that they need to come up with a plan that does not increase government spending. >> right. >> which is new. >> right. and we're seeing john boehner come up with a plan that
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decreases spending by $1 trillion this year and then another couple trillion after in the years ahead, and then we're also seeing harry reid the, the senate democratic leader coming wup his own plan to decrease the spending. but there's still disagreement on what a final blueprint would look like. >> obama the president is getting just as much criticism probably as he always has with not being a leader on this. at the same time, john boehner is receiving criticism he walked out on friday, again today could not work with the other leader. >> right. >> who is to blame? >> well, this is something we're seeing there is a lot of pressure from both on both leaders, on boehner and on president obama from the respective bases. you have john boehner with a very loud freshman tea party contingent and then you have president obama with democrats his own party who are going to be donate to him as you run for
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reelection. so both sides are locked in here. >> and the president says that he wants a long-term deal because it's good for america. at the same time one might argue that he wants a long-term deal because e i he doesn't want it to come back up again when he's running for reelection. and then you have john boehner saying let's have a vote now on this and then a vote again before the end of 2012 so that way this issue would come up again before the presidential election. democrats are saying that's not going to happen. >> how concerned are we ooth the asian market? we're down to the wire here. are they going to be affected before we are? >> there's a lot of concern about how the asian markets are going to react to the united states and its current credit situation as well as other countries around the world and you're seeing so much concern that on sunday today you had john boehner putting out his own plan to try to soothe those plans and reid, clearly an effort to soothe some concerns from the other countries on whether the united states can be able to act in time. >> we will watch that.
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in the meantime yet another potential sex scandal in congress talking about congressman david wu from oregon. >> there was a report friday night that david wu may have had an unwanted sexual encounter with the daughter of a donor, a high school aged girl. he hasn't said this is not true, he hasn't denied. he said this is a very serious matter. but this is only coming weeks after anthony weiner was forced to resign after he sent photos of himself to other women. so this is another sex scandal on the horizon. everyone is focused on the debt situation but this is a lickering issue that democratic leaders are probably going to have to deal with. >> august 3rd i'm sure he will be 234 hot water. all right. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> eeths an annual day of service at arlington national cemetery. each year services donate their time and energy to beautify the landmark.
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the 15th annual remembrance is tomorrow. on tuesday montgomery county is expected to hold a public hearing on a curfew proposal. the plan calls for kids under the age of 18 to be home by 11:00 p.m. sunday through thursday and midnight friday and saturday. the measure was introduced by county executives the hearing is set for this tuesday at 1:30 at the county council headquarters in rockville. a final vote isn't expected until fall. still to come on washington weekly the historic walter reed shop will soon be torn down. we'll tell you why. >> 97 degrees. that was our high today at reagan national. are you ready for some cooler, drier air? it's on the way but don't get used to it. coming up in a
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>> taking a look at the week ahead. the trial is set to get under way in texas, the head of the fundamentalist church which sanctions plig my. he faces two counts of sex assault on a child. and big my. jury selection starts on monday. also this week, republican candidates vying for the presidential nomination will converge in iowa. michelle bachmann will be in aims on monday. tim pawlenty will be in d.n.a.port on monday and tim san torm and herman cain will
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swing through the state this week ahead of a straw poll next month. owners have given n.f.l. until tuesday to vote with supplemental revenue sharing expected to vote on monday in d.c. it's assumed the players will approve the deal tomorrow and then start reporting to team facilities on wednesday. coming up next, steve will be back with a look at your forecast. stay with us.
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>> it's one of those days a trancitional evening and temperatures are going to cool a little bit. not a lot. a little bit. we'll take anything we can get at this point. 97 degrees our daytime high temperature at reagan national airport. 89 is where we should be at this time of year. that 84 that you see for our low this morning is a record high minimum temperature for the day. the record high set just a year ago at 101 degrees. 97 degrees this hour feels like 94 so the cooldown slow to rise but if you're looking for a cooler drier air, head out to the mountains. wisp ski resort 69 degrees after a high of only 78. 81 in potomac. and our final stop takes us to washington lee high school one of our newer weather bug sites. feels like 90 degrees.
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dulles at 82, culpepper cooling off to 75. they had a shower earlier. heat index still in the mid to upper 80s to mid 90s as we get close tore the city. we have cooler drier air cold front will move through the area tomorrow and will give us unsettled weather meaning a chance for showers and thunderstorms and some of these may become severe. dew point levels still uncomfortable at this hour but they will start to fall into the 60s over the next couple of days or so. a big change compared to the upper 70s to lower 80s for dew point levels almost unheard of for this time of year. satellite and radar we had showers and thunderstorms to the south of us earlier in the evening. now those storms are across for foke moving out to sea. the coal front still we will away off and that will arrive tomorrow. clouds will continue to increase a little bit for the overnight hours but for the day tomorrow, we're going to look for a mix of sun and clouds.
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depending on how much sunshine we see will depend how warm it will get. by tuesday morning everything will clear out really nicely. high pressure will settle back across the mid-atlantic. it's not going to last very long. high pressure will move off the coast going to act as a heat pump allowing for the hot humid air to arrive for the end of the week. temperatures will fall into the 70s to around 80 degrees downtown, a chance for showers and isolated thunderstorms. better chance about a 60% chance for the day tomorrow. upper 80s to lower 90s. here's the extended outlook. our temperatures rebound into the upper 90s going to feel more like 100 to 105 by the end of the week. lower to middle 70s. head over to latest forecast 24 hours a day. >> thanks. and some arlington residents might get a surprise the next time they open the doors to the
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pizza delivery man. a local pizza restaurant has taken delivery to another level using a subway to avoid the parking disasters. >> inn who has ever tried to park a car in the clarneden neighborhood knows it can take a while to find this space. that's not the only reason rezz dents order pizza for dinner. >> when we want to get a pizza because it's raining, kind of lazy and get it delivered. >> but instead of a car the pizza delivery man shows up on this. >> sure. we're going to enjoy the pizza. >> a subway. >> that's amazing. you know? we seen sex in the city but delivering a pizza. but that's the first. >> that's the answer to the parking nightmare. >> especially since this mile and a half corridor along wilson boulevard along the orange line is so densely populated. >> this week they debutted
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their brand new segway to make deliveries within a mile radius of the restaurant. this was their first delivery. >> i hope you enjoy it. if there's anything wrong with it call me. >> the segway allows drivers to make deliveries much faster rather than searching for parking. >> i could actually take it into a building, into the elevator and right to the customer's door and be in a mile radius in five minutes. >> and his own research he says he only knows of two other restaurants around the country that use segways to make deliveries. if all goes well he plans to add more in clarneden and other locations. >> still to come why the historic walter reed chapel could soon be torn down. coming up next.
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>> walter reed is closing in september and members of the congregation of the memorial chapel locate on the grounds are concerned about its fate. >> the bell at walter reed army medical center memorial chapel could be silenced forever. >> it's especially sad that this our home, may be torn down or not used again. >> i wished there was something we could do. >> according to army public
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affairs the chapel is on land set to become property of the state department. but members are fighting to save the chapel who is dedicated to men and women who died in the service of this their country. >> everything in this chapel is a memorial. >> they want the stone chapel with its striking stained glass windows and gothic tower to become part of the national register of historic places. >> i have contacted an office at the pentagon which is responsible for the preservation of historically important buildings. >> after world war one the gray ladies of the american red cross called for a chapel on walter reed grounds and they privately raised $160,000 to build it. >> congress gave permission to give this land for it and president coolidge was the one who said it's the best thing i have ever done was dedicated this land. >> for 80 years the chapel has served the community at walter reed including patients at the hospital. >> we've been here 18 months
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while she's been undergoing treatment. we hate to see this building go away. >> long-time members say destruction of the chapel would be an enormous loss. >> i will not be able to bear that experience. >> so they're praying for a miracle. >> i don't think it should be destroyed. >> and that was gordon peterson reporting. abc 7 news contacted the state department and was told that at this point what will happen to that specific portion of the campus including the memorial chapel is still unknown. we'll be

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